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    Grivas Method - Middlegame Strategies
    Catalog Code: B0042EV

    GM Arkadij Naiditsch: The work of Efstratios Grivas is, as usual, very well organized, with logical explanations accompanying the practical examples he has chosen. There are, of course, almost unlimited options in the middlegame but I am very sure that after examining the current book’s examples, you will most definitely improve - gaining not only a deeper understanding, but also many news ideas for your own middlegame play.

    Grivas Method - Middlegame Strategies

    The Center
    A Modern Strategy Guide
    Catalog Code: B0036EV

    There is a blank spot in the huge world of chess literature: systematically presented middle- game. Therefore authors, both long-term chess trainers, decided to fi ll this vacuum. With a series of books about the middle-game, we would like to present different topics of chess tactics and strategy in a slightly different way. Books, which will be published in the coming years as part of the series, are planned to cover all frequently discussed themes, as well as many others topics — those about which chess players and also trainers usually do not think as deeply as they should in order to achieve better results.

    The Center


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