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    The Chess Traveller's Quizbook
    Catalog Code: CB0055RB

    Now, in Chess Travellers Quiz Book, Hodgson reverses roles and, setting the brainteasers himself, challenges readers to find the winning combination in 200 test-yourself positions, all taken from practical play. These are arranged chapter by chapter, in order of increasing difficulty, anticipating that by the time you reach your final destination you will be a keener, sharper, more imaginative player.

    The Chess Traveller's Quizbook

    CLEARANCE - Test Your Chess Fantasy
    Catalog Code: CB0023RB

    An intriguing book with 120 diagrammed positions each with a multiple choice question attached. The questions are all along the lines of a) White is Winning b) It's even c) Black is winning: which is correct? The tests become gradually more difficult as the book progresses; the author provides a scoring system and solutions are included at the end.
    Unbeatable Deal

    CLEARANCE - Test Your Chess Fantasy


2 Item(s)

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