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    50 Poison Pieces
    Solve 50 Puzzles Where the Unprotected Piece is Toxic
    Catalog Code: B0113OB

    Lauren Goodkind wrote 50 Poison Pieces, a fun puzzle book to help her students and any novice chess player to avoid capturing unprotected pieces that look safe to capture, which are actually poison! In each of the 50 unique puzzles that Lauren created, you are asked to figure out why capturing an unprotected piece is a mistake, or in other words, the poison piece

    50 Poison Pieces

    212 Surprising Checkmates
    Catalog Code: B0053RE

    With this instructive manual, players can learn to concentrate on one-, two- and three-move checkmates, focusing on their opponents' last moves and keeping alert to new possibilities, rather than getting blinded by previous calculations. Written by two experienced chess teachers, this volumes first 100 exercises concern checkmates in one move, while the remaining exercises represent game-like positions for checkmates in two and three moves.

    212 Surprising Checkmates

    Totally Puzzled
    Hard & Easy, Rich & Rare, Old & New Puzzles
    Catalog Code: B0085OB

    Totally Puzzled is a collection of nearly 1000 old and new puzzles that will entertain you for days. Each puzzle is clearly presented with hints and a detailed solution. The puzzles range from fairly easy to extremely difficult, with sections on space, time, money, games, language, logistics, math, words, questions & enigmas. There is something for everyone. If you really love puzzles and you want a new and exciting challenge, this is the book for you!

    Totally Puzzled


3 Item(s)

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