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    Beginner Chess Tactics for Kids
    99 Chess Puzzles - With Colorable Images
    Catalog Code: B0127OB

    Beginner Chess Tactics for Kids is a workbook containing 99, one-move tactics puzzles covering hanging pieces, forks and pins for kids with a playing level of 1000 or less. Each chapter contains 33 different puzzles with the answers found on the following page in picture form. Also, to be more realistic, the puzzles are approximately a 50/50 mix of "white to play" and "black to play".

    Beginner Chess Tactics for Kids

    50 Poison Pieces
    Solve 50 Puzzles Where the Unprotected Piece is Toxic
    Catalog Code: B0113OB

    Lauren Goodkind wrote 50 Poison Pieces, a fun puzzle book to help her students and any novice chess player to avoid capturing unprotected pieces that look safe to capture, which are actually poison! In each of the 50 unique puzzles that Lauren created, you are asked to figure out why capturing an unprotected piece is a mistake, or in other words, the poison piece

    50 Poison Pieces


2 Item(s)

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