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    Imagination in Chess
    Catalog Code: B0294IS

    This is a collection of problems and puzzles selected by Charles Dealtry Locock, a British Amateur Chess Champion, which he found to be the most valuable in teaching his students how to attack. These are problems which have a practical application. The author used them to teach attacking chess to hundreds of students. The theme of this book is how to use your imagination to develop a winning attack.

    Imagination in Chess

    The Best Move
    Catalog Code: B0253IS

    The Best Move is a collection of very hard Chess problems based on actual grandmaster games. The reader is asked who has the advantage and why. Points are awarded not only for getting the answer right, but for seeing deeply into the positions. These problems are based primarily on the games of Grandmaster Hort and Grandmaster Jansa. These are not the typical ''White to play and Win'' problems. rather, the reader is asked to decide who is better. These are very hard problems. Do not be surprised if you do any of them, or if you get them only by guessing.

    The Best Move

    Chess Puzzles for Students
    Catalog Code: B0238IS

    This is a quiz based on very hard puzzles taken from master games, not from composed problems. Because of the difficulty and complexity of the puzzles, you score points just for getting the first move right. You do not have to see all the way to the end. At the end of the quizzes, you are rated based on how many you got right.

    Chess Puzzles for Students

    Solitaire Chess
    Match Your Wits Against the Greatest Chess Masters
    Catalog Code: B0008IS

    This book enables the average chess player to match wits against the greatest masters of all time. The result is a book that is as instructive as it is entertaining.

    Solitaire Chess


4 Item(s)

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