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    Crash Test Chess - VOL. 1
    Using the Initiative
    Catalog Code: DVD0036OT

    In ''Using the Initiative'', Grandmaster Simon Williams explains the ideas behind his play in two of his games where the correct use of the initiative has proved critical. Follow Simon as he provides his audience with an essential insight into the working thought processes of a Grandmaster – a must for any chess enthusiast looking to improve!

    Crash Test Chess - VOL. 1

    Improve Your Practical Play
    with Grandmaster Danny Gormally
    Catalog Code: DVD0039OT

    Aimed at club, congress and county players, this DVD provides a vital insight into how a grandmaster thinks and the reasoning behind his choice of moves. In this DVD, Danny provides useful guidance to players who are looking to improve their thinking during a game by analysing the typical strategic plans from the opening until late in the middlegame. Are you ready to go beyond the basics? If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ then follow Danny as he explains the fundamental ideas and principles behind some of the most complex and challenging positions.

    Improve Your Practical Play

    Crash Test Chess - VOL. 2
    Thinking Outside of the Box
    Catalog Code: DVD0037OT

    In ''Thinking Outside of the Box'', Grandmaster Simon Williams explains how a viewer can improve their game by spotting unusual but very effective ideas. This includes strategic knight manoeuvres, clever bishop moves and other concepts that will be invaluable to any player wishing to improve their game.

    Crash Test Chess - VOL. 2

    Sokolov Explains Middlegame Pawn Structures
    with Grandmaster Ivan Sokolov
    Catalog Code: DVD0038OT

    Within this DVD the viewer will learn a great deal about Middlegame Pawn structures. Ivan looks at isolated pawns, symmetrical pawns and a vast array of other structures, whilst teaching us some valuable lessons. Ivan does this by first building up the position from its bare roots and then adding material, so each aspect of the position is understood.

    Sokolov Explains Middlegame Pawn Structures


4 Item(s)

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