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    Big Book of Chess Combinations
    A Chessworks Publication
    Catalog Code: B0301IS

    This book provides one thousand combinations from chess tournament play. It is not the typical book with positions and their solutions. Rather, it tests the actual players against the computer. Sometimes the computer finds the correct solution but not always. The reader needs to study the positions and determine for himself whether the move selected by the computer is correct or not.

    Big Book of Chess Combinations

    Strategy & Tactics in Chess
    Catalog Code: B0207IS

    In this book, the great Dutch World Champion, Dr. Max Euwe, discusses both strategy and tactics in chess, having special emphasis on the latter, to which about two-thirds of the book is dedicated. Tactics have been, comparatively speaking, neglected in chess literature, and it is therefore, interesting to find that five out of eight chapters of this book are devoted to combinations which are analyzed and classified.

    Strategy & Tactics in Chess

    First Chess Tactics
    Catalog Code: B0128IS

    This book is aimed at beginners who know the rules and nothing more. This is how chess players start. They must learn the simple tactics. This is the only workbook at this level. Completing the puzzles in this book will lead to improved results immediately!

    First Chess Tactics

    Play Chess Combinations and Sacrifices
    Catalog Code: B0043IS

    David Levy, International and World expert on computer chess, has analyzed the brilliancies of the masters and, in this book, explains how you can learn to recognize the symptoms and produce your own stunning finishing stroke. Make a small sacrifice and buy this elegant combination of explanation and instruction!

    Play Chess Combinations and Sacrifices


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