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How to Teach Chess

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    Thinking with Chess
    Teaching Children Ages 5-14
    Catalog Code: B0090EU

    In Thinking with Chess, Dr. Alexey Root connects chess with skills important to academic success, such as classifying, pattern recognition, decoding, creating, and predicting.

    Thinking with Chess

    CLEARANCE - The Chess Instructor 2009
    The New in Chess Compendium for Chess Teachers, Coaches and Parents
    Catalog Code: B0054NIC

    The Chess Instructor 2009 is the first publication to give comprehensive answers to all questions of chess teachers and parents. It provides tools and methodologies for beginners as well as for more advanced coaching. With ready-to-use teaching exercises for all levels.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - The Chess Instructor 2009

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    Special Price $5.00

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