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    Great Moves
    Learning Chess Through History
    Catalog Code: B0135EU

    What’s the best way to learn chess? Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History blends the intricacies of chess play with the game’s compelling and colorful history, putting real people at the 64 squares.

    Great Moves

    The King is a Powerful Piece!
    Catalog Code: B0131EU

    Cowering in the middlegame, towering in the endgame: chess theory teaches that the king needs protection from enemy pieces until the ending, when finally it can come out from hiding to decisive effect. But what if the king can take care of itself, and even march out to battle with its army? FIDE Master and coach Tigran Gyozalyan fills a gap in the chess literature with the first systematic exploration of the king's role and capabilities in the opening and the middlegame.

    The King is a Powerful Piece!

    Active Pieces
    Practical Advice from America's Most Relentless Tournament Players
    Catalog Code: B0127EU

    You're booked up on your openings and know the Philidor and Lucena positions hands down, but how to convert all that theoretical knowledge into points against flesh-and-blood opponents? Jay Bonin, the “Iron Man of Chess,” shares the keys to victory as he's learned them over four decades of competitive play.

    Active Pieces

    Is Your Move Safe?
    Catalog Code: B0118EU

    Safety first! Success in chess begins with asking yourself the basic question, “Is the move that I'm considering a safe one? The question may sound simple, but answering it is not so simple. National Master and award-winning chess instructor Dan Heisman has carefully selected more than 150 theoretical and tournament positions to show how a move may look safe but isn't, or how it can appear risky and still be the safest option on the board

    Is Your Move Safe?

    The Improving Chess Thinker - 2ND EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0043EU

    The Improving Chess Thinker provides representative thought processes from all classes of chess players, highlights the differences between these levels, and provides insight to help players raise their thinking process to the next level.

    The Improving Chess Thinker - 2ND EDITION

    Amateur to IM
    Proven Ideas and Training Methods
    Catalog Code: B0089EU

    These pages reveal the secrets of his notebooks for the first time. IM Hawkins presents special material aimed to help you become a much better practical player, one armed with a deeper understanding of key aspects of chess.

    Amateur to IM


6 Item(s)

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