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Winning at Chess

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    What it takes to Become a Grandmaster
    Catalog Code: B0125BT

    Becoming a Grandmaster is the ultimate aim for serious chess players, but whatever your abilities, this book will take you to the next level. Written by the ever-popular chess writer Andrew Soltis, This book teaches you how to identify the kinds of moves and techniques that go the extra mile.

    What it takes to Become a Grandmaster

    New Art of Defense in Chess
    Catalog Code: B0121BT

    Most chess games are not won – they are lost. Many instructional chess books tell you how to improve a position when it is already (or may be) favourable. This book offers help when you definitely do not have the advantage. Every chess player needs a sound arsenal of defensive techniques. This book covers them all – counterplay, when to accept sacrifices, how to anticipate short- and long-term threats, and how to minimize losses. It also helps you create a strong underlying psychological framework for defensive technique – it teaches you how to stay cool under fire, how to stonewall and how to exploit your opponent's weaknesses.

    New Art of Defense in Chess

    Study Chess with Tal
    Catalog Code: B0117BT

    Mikhail Tal is one of the all-time chess greats. In 1960 he became the youngest champion in world history at the age of 23, sweeping to victory at his first attempt. His extraordinary tactical ability has never been bettered, and his reputation goes from strength to strength. This absorbing book, first published in the early 1980s, is based on diaries kept by Tal’s coach from their training sessions, and this unique perspective makes it a fascinating and effective chess instructor, written in engaging language and suitable for teenagers as well as older readers. It shows how Tal achieved greatness through hard work, application and the influence of a world-class coach, and through this book modern readers can catch a glimpse of the development of a true chess genius. The book is fully updated and converted to algebraic format.

    Study Chess with Tal

    100 Chess Master Trade Secrets
    From Sacrifices to Endgames
    Catalog Code: B0119BT

    If you want to become a chess master, there are certain things you need to know. The Masters know them and now you can learn them too. This invaluable book collects all these techniques together in one volume, so you can try them out, tick them off, and progress on your path towards chess mastery.

    100 Chess Master Trade Secrets

    What It Takes to Become a Chess Master
    Catalog Code: B0115BT

    Written by one of our biggest-selling and best-loved chess authors, in his trademark chatty, accessible but always informative style, this book is filled with practical exercises and test games that will reveal the secrets of how to join chess's elite ranks.

    What It Takes to Become a Chess Master


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