World Chess Champions

World Chess Champions

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    Max Euwe - Fifth World Chess Champion
    Catalog Code: B0102RE

    The fifth book of the World Chess Champions series focuses on the life and career of the Dutchman Max Euwe. This soft-spoken professor of mathematics rocked the chess world in 1935 when he defeated the seemingly irresistible force, Alexander Alekhine, to become world champion. Many chessplayers thought this was an upset of the first magnitude. Hardly. Euwe was at his prime and the best in the world at the time.

    Max Euwe - Fifth World Chess Champion

    My Best Games of Chess
    Catalog Code: B0064RE

    In chess literature, there have only been a very few chess books that have immediately-and permanently-established themselves as classics. Lasker's Manual of Chess by Emanuel Lasker, Masters of the Chessboard by Richard Reti and Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual by Mark Dvoretsky are three that come to mind. There are of course others, among them My Best Games of Chess, 1908-1937 by the fourth world chess champion, Alexander Alekhine.

    My Best Games of Chess

    Bobby Fischer - The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion
    Catalog Code: B0034RE

    Now, for the first time, every one of his 736 tournament and match games is presented with insightful explanations and analysis. Best-selling chess author, German International Grandmaster Karsten Muller, annotates each game of the player many believe to be the greatest of all time.

    Bobby Fischer - The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion

    Tal Botvinnik 1960
    Catalog Code: B0001RE

    One of the greatest books ever written about a world championship match. Take a trip with the Magician from Riga as he invites you to share his thoughts and feelings as he does battle for the world title.

    Tal Botvinnik 1960


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