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  1. CLEARANCE - Unusual Endings

    CLEARANCE - Unusual Endings

    Regular Price: $5.99

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    No board and men are necessary to enjoy this booklet. Enough diagrams are provided for you to follow each position to its completion.Chess with unusual positions is an altogether different world. There will be those who will want to solve them form the first diagram ? others will wait and start with the second diagram. But we are not going to challenge you to solve anything! This is where creative imagination is the order of the day ? where routine is scorned for the sheer love of artistry. Learn More
  2. CLEARANCE - Cambridge Chess

    CLEARANCE - Cambridge Chess

    This volume is intended to 'commemorate' the achievements of Cambridge University chess, but I hope it will not strike the reader with any leaden and funeral overtones. Learn More
  3. Karpov's Collected Games

    Karpov's Collected Games

    Karpov's Collected Games, All 530 Available Encounters: 1961-1974 Learn More
  4. CLEARANCE - Chess with the MASTERS

    CLEARANCE - Chess with the MASTERS

    The chess world is fortunate in having many very strong players active at the present time. In this book the authors have selected ten of these players from outside the ranks of the world champions and have given what amounts to little more than an introduction to the careers and play of these great players. Learn More
  5. Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953

    Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953

    All 210 games from the greatest tournament since World War II. Smyslov, Bronstein, Keres, Reshevsky, Petrosian, 10 others; perceptive annotations by Bronstein. Learn More
  6. CLEARANCE - Queen and Pawn Endings - Averbakh

    CLEARANCE - Queen and Pawn Endings - Averbakh

    Queen and Pawn Endings is the second volume to appear of Averbakh's great classic series on the endgame. The original Russian edition quickly established a world-wide reputation. These are endgame books that Fischer had sent to him for use during his World Championship match. Learn More
  7. CLEARANCE - Bobby Fischer vs the Rest of the World

    CLEARANCE - Bobby Fischer vs the Rest of the World

    For people-watchers everywhere, Brad Darach uncovers the sometimes grotesque, often hilarious secret life of Fischer the Great. Through screaming tantrums, paranoid panics, greedy schemes, orgies of eating, desperate loneliness and magnificent courage he reveals sides of Bobby never seen before. Learn More
  8. CLEARANCE - Americas Chess Heritage

    CLEARANCE - Americas Chess Heritage

    With fully annotated games and many diagrams, Americas Chess Heritage is an informative chronoly and an indispensable guide for chess enthusiasts and non players alike. Learn More
  9. How Fischer Plays Chess

    How Fischer Plays Chess

    A study and analysis of the games of Bobby Fischer, the greatest chess player the world has ever known. Learn More
  10. Capablanca's Best Chess Endings

    Capablanca's Best Chess Endings

    These 60 complete games, annotated throughout, emphasize Cuban master's elegant, classic, accurate, lethal endgame play against Alekhine, Lasker, Marshall, Nimzowitsch, Reti, the best. Here are real games from match and tournament play, but endings that seem like long-contemplated works of art. Learn More
  11. CLEARANCE - Beginner's Guide to Winning Chess

    CLEARANCE - Beginner's Guide to Winning Chess

    This is probably the best chess tutor a beginner can buy. is a new Speed-Method that is virtually guaranteed to teach the game quickly and will build great skill beyond the beginner level. Fred Reinfeld presents a simple method utilizing the algebraic system and a number and letter grid. is a simple presentation of a demanding subject. The great chess teacher Fred Reinfeld continues to command respect for his several classic books on this game of skill. Learn More
  12. Chess from Square One

    Chess from Square One

    Chess from Square One is a really clear introduction to chess for the complete beginner of any age by Tony Miles, Britain's leading player and one of the world's top grandmasters. The moves and interaction of the pieces are explained step by step, with practice games to familiarise the learner with each pieces as it is introduced. The explanation of t basic strategy and tactics enables the reader to embark upon his own chess games with confidence. Learn More
  13. Chess - Master the Moves

    Chess - Master the Moves

    You have begun to play chess. And you have ambitions to be more than just a woodpusher at the chess club, or among friends who play. But how to be a better player? Here is a book that will help you master the complexities of chess - Learn More
  14. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

    Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

    Learn to think the same way Bobby Fischer did. This is the fastest, most efficient, most enjoyable book on chess ever compiled. As the student, you start at the beginning and progressively develop your skills as you apply Bobby Fischer's principles and learn how to play Chess the Bobby way. Learn More

14 Item(s)

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