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    CLEARANCE - Chess Tactics For Advanced Players
    Catalog Code: B0001OB

    Any chess enthusiast knows how important tactics are in chess and how crucial it is to make a thorough study of this aspect of the game. But up to now opinion has been divided on the best way of studying tactics. The well-known Soviet international grandmaster and chess author Averbakh has developed an entirely novel approach, which is expounded in the third edition of his Chess Tactics for Advanced Players.
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    CLEARANCE - Chess Tactics For Advanced Players

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    Special Price $10.00

    CLEARANCE - Modern Art of Attack
    Catalog Code: CB0047CD

    'The Art of Attack by Vukovic'' ends with the Alekhine era --- the last example being in 1947. In the 1950's a new generation emerged starting with the daring play of Mikhail Tal. He and his contemporaries are where we begin with this book, taking the reader through the 1980's. The chapters are 1)Attacking the King Which Can't Castle, 2)Attacking the Uncastled King, 3)Attacking the Kingside Castled Positions, 4)St.George Attack, 5)Greek Gift Attack, 6)Defensive Measures, 7)Attacking the Opposite Side, 8)Couterattacking, 9)Great Attacking Players including Tal's Daring Sacrifical Attacks, Fischer's Scientific Style, Karpov's Fiery Attacking Style. A great book for players of all strengths.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - Modern Art of Attack

    Regular Price: $8.95

    Special Price $2.00

2 Item(s)

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