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    The Art of Sacrifice in Chess
    Catalog Code: B0041DV

    The first systematic attempt to explain and exploit the theory of chess sacrifice, this guide remains an extremely helpful weapon in the arsenal of players at every level.

    The Art of Sacrifice in Chess

    The Art of Chess Combination
    Catalog Code: B0017DV

    Detailed explanation of principles, varieties, techniques and ideas behind them, illustrated with many examples from great players. 200 diagrams.

    The Art of Chess Combination

    The Chess Endgame Study
    A Comprehensive Introduction - Second Edition
    Catalog Code: B0057DV

    This is the complete introduction to the endgame study. Roycroft writes the history of endgame study with its international roster of great theorists and composers; he directs an encyclopedic discourse to all varieties of chess lovers — casual solvers, composers and connoisseurs, analysts and judges; and he offers over 400 endgame studies dating from ninth-century Arabia to the present.

    The Chess Endgame Study

    CLEARANCE - 500 Master Games of Chess
    Three Books in One - Open Games, Semi-Open Games & Closed Games
    Catalog Code: B0029DV

    Vast collection of great chess games from 1798-1938, with much material nowhere else readily available. Fully annotated, arranged by opening for easier study. 150 years of master play!
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - 500 Master Games of Chess

    Regular Price: $32.95

    Special Price $10.00

    How to Play Chess Endings
    Catalog Code: B0044DV

    Emphasis throughout the book is on understanding principles, rather than memorizing moves, with the result that the reader will be able to apply Znosko-Borovsky's techniques to almost any situation that may arise.

    How to Play Chess Endings

    Alexander Alekhine - My Best Games of Chess - 1908-1937
    Two Volumes Bound as One
    Catalog Code: B0045DV

    This unequaled collection reproduces Alekhine's 220 best games, his own personal acounts of the dazzling victories that made him a legend. Spanning almost thirty years of tournament play, it includes historic matches against Capablanca, Euwe and Bogoljubov, and chronicles his briliant ascent to world mastery, his surprising defeat in 1935, and his dramatic return two years later - the first deposed champion to regain his crown.

    Alexander Alekhine - My Best Games of Chess - 1908-1937

    Emanuel Lasker - The Life of a Chess Master
    Catalog Code: B0046DV

    The legendary master comes vividly to life as Dr. Hannak details his childhood, education, decision to become a professional player, great exploits in matches against Marshall, Capablanca, Tarrasch, Schlechter and other players, his happy marriage, flight from Nazi Germany and much more.

    Emanuel Lasker - The Life of a Chess Master

    The Immortal Games of Capablanca
    Catalog Code: B0050DV

    Superbly annotated treasury includes 113 of the Cuban master's greatest games against Marshall, Lasker, Euwe, and many other formidable opponents.

    The Immortal Games of Capablanca

    Why You Lose at Chess
    Second Edition
    Catalog Code: B0056DV

    This updated chess classic demonstrates how to learn from your losses by recognizing the warning signs as they develop and by analyzing games gone wrong. In addition to expert analysis of each stage of the game, this guide offers insights into why players lose from good positions as well as weak ones, and how the pressures of time can be a problem.

    Why You Lose at Chess


9 Item(s)

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