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    Fundamental Chess Tactics
    A Comprehensive Guide to Tactical ideas - Learn How to Win Material and Storm the Enemy Position!
    Catalog Code: B0199GB

    This book provides a systematic course in chess tactics and hundreds of exercises to sharpen and measure your skills. With Antonio Gude’s assistance, you will understand how the pieces work, so you can carry out your strategic plans and launch devastating attacks. And even in those games where things go wrong, you will always be ready to pounce when given the chance.

    Fundamental Chess Tactics

    Instructive Chess Miniatures
    Lessons from 53 of the Greatest Short Victories in Chess History
    Catalog Code: B0194GB

    A miniature is a decisive game, won in 25 moves or fewer. In this book, the author has selected 53 of the most instructive miniatures games of all times, featuring brilliant tactics, attacks on the king, and even a few outrageous king-hunts. In many, the winner had to overcome cunning defensive ploys and inventive counterattacks.

    Instructive Chess Miniatures

    Chess Puzzles for Kids
    100 Puzzles to Torment Your Brain Cells
    Catalog Code: B0183GB

    This chess puzzle super-challenge contains 100 fun positions to solve, ranging from encouragingly easy to mind-numbingly hard.

    Chess Puzzles for Kids

    Chess Strategy for Kids
    Featuring 50 Smart Strategies
    Catalog Code: B0195GB

    So you have learned how to play chess, studied tactics and know some basic endgames and openings. What’s next? The glue that binds it all together is strategy. By forming a good plan, chess-players seize strong points on the board and target the opponent’s weaknesses. The author explains how to identify the right strategy in a wide range of typical situations. With his guidance, you will soon be finding good plans on your own – and then it will be time to demonstrate your tactical mastery!

    Chess Strategy for Kids

    CLEARANCE - Your First Chess Lessons
    A Simple Guide to Chess for Absolute Beginners
    Catalog Code: B0196GB

    Assuming no previous knowledge of the game, Grandmaster Paul van der Sterren teaches you how to play and draws you into the fascinating world of modern chess. This carefully crafted chess course is divided into true lessons, each building on what has been learned in the previous ones. Before moving on from a topic, you have the chance to test that you have fully understood it with the help of thoughtfully graded exercises.
    Unbeatable Deal

    CLEARANCE - Your First Chess Lessons

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $5.00

    Chess Endgames for Kids
    Featuring 50 Endgame Lessons
    Catalog Code: B0187GB

    Starting with the basic mates and the simplest pawn endings, this book provides all the endgame knowledge that players need to take them through to club level and beyond. Müller carefully guides us step-by-step through a fascinating range of endgame tactics and manoeuvres, helping us understand the underlying logic.

    Chess Endgames for Kids

    Applying Logic in Chess
    A top trainer demystifies modern chess thought
    Catalog Code: B0202GB

    Is chess a logical game? What constitutes an advantage in chess? How can we set problems and create psychologically difficult situations for the opponent? These are big questions, and Erik Kislik tackles them and others head-on in this thought-provoking, thoroughly modern, and original work.

    Applying Logic in Chess


7 Item(s)

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