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CLEARANCE - English Opening Lukins Variation (A21)

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This opening is to be regarded as a very active and interesting defense which may by applied both to 1 d4 and to 1 c4. The defence in question is the specialty of the International Master from St. Petersburg: Andrey Lukin. The system is characterized by a great flexibility which comports transformations from an Old Indian, to an English with possible points of contact with the Dutch. Lovers of complicated and tense positions will find their natural habitat in this opening and the possibility of demonstrating their technical and tactical prowess. For many years it was believed that after 4...e4, the only plausible move were 5 Bg5, for reasons linked to the development, having to play "e3", and having the possibility of exchanging later on, the Bishop which will go to "e7". However, it is the second possibility for Black which caused the move in question to fall somewhat in disgrace. 

Thus White has been forced to search for a valid alternative to 5 Bg5 and, in the course of time has experimented with a number of possibilities such as 5 Nd2, 5 Ng1 and 5 Ng5, presently the most played. Notwithstanding the fact that it is the most popular move, 5 Ng5 has never gained unanimous concensus. Indeed, GM Watson considers it a blunder due to the continuation: 5...h6 6 Nh3 g5. However, other masters have solved the problem by playing 7 Ng1! which leaves White in a good position after the continuation leading to the "h2-h4" push. 

Thus IM Lukin, not convinced by Watson's analysis, decided that the only valid possibility for Black in countering 5 Ng5 would be 5...Be7, even though 5...Nf6 and the modern 5...c6, merit great consideration.

In the last chapter we will deal with a line which is a very close relative of the Lukin Variation and which often enters into it through a diverse sequence of moves. We will examine this line in order to give a complete picture of the most interesting opening.

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ISBN 8886127308
Manufacturer S1 Editrice
Pages 60 pages
Publication Date Sep 4, 1994
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
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