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CLEARANCE - The Leningrad Dutch

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Why another book on the Leningrad Dutch? There are several answers. T. D. Harding's near classic 'The Leningrad Dutch' was published in 1976. That excellent pioneering work in descriptive notation has become obsolete simply by the continued evolution of the LGD. Nonetheless, subsequent authors who write on the subject owe a great debt to Harding. 

Clearly, it is time for a work like this one, which is a comprehensive coverage of the main lines of play in the Leningrad Dutch, reflecting the changes in theory which resulted in the 80's, when the LGD was played more than ever before, and right on into the 90's. In particular, a more detailed treatment of the new 7...Qe8 was needed. This recently developed idea, heavily used in the last few years, has added another significant main variation to Black's treatment of the opening, hitherto limited to 7...c6 and 7...Nc6.

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ISBN 0875682073
Manufacturer Chess Digest
Author/s Roy DeVault
Pages 266 pages
Publication Date Sep 2, 1992
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Book Binding Type Paperback