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Daily Chess Training: Chess Tactics - Volume 1

Sharpen Your Tactical Ability Daily on Your Way to Mastery

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An essential part of improving at chess is tactics. Tactics occur at every level of chess but once the players become stronger the elements involved in spotting the puzzles tend to become more complex and deeper, whereas, among weaker players, elementary skewers, forks, and deadly pins are more frequent visitors.

In this volume, you will find 404 tactical puzzles at all levels of difficulty, from mundane to industrial strength. Each puzzle features an indication of the level of difficulty, as well as a hint for those who need it. The thoroughly annotated solutions will further guide the reader to become much more proficient in ths important aspect of the game.  

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ISBN 9781790316304
Manufacturer CarstenChess
Author/s Carsten Hansen
Pages 329 Pages
Publication Date May 30, 2019
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Book Binding Type Paperback