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Dominate with the King's Indian Defense 6... Na6 System - EMPIRE CHESS

Product Code: DVD0002EP


Empire Chess Series – Vol 2



GM Eugene Perelshteyn


The King`s Indian Defense is one of the most popular chess opening systems ever played due to the naturally dynamic and double-edged positions that frequently arise. Since the early 20th century the King`s Indian Defense has been regularly employed at the highest levels of chess by legendary names like David Bronstein, Bobby Fischer, and Garry Kasparov to name a few. However the King`s Indian Defense has experienced a slight decline in popularity in recent years due to the hyper-aggressive Bayonet Attack (used by the white pieces and commonly seen by players like Anand and Kramnik.) But many KID die-hard fans have not lost heart, and neither should you! The KID is alive and kicking, and one of this exciting opening`s leading proponents – GM Eugene Perelshteyn – has produced an action-packed chess DVD to explain his battle-tested secrets in a relatively new sideline that starts with 6. …Na6.

GM Perelshteyn has experienced high rates of success at the grandmaster level with the 6. …Na6 System of the King`s Indian Defense due to his deep understanding of the subtleties in this fascinating sideline. Black deviates from the main lines early by employing a highly flexible knight maneuver to the edge of the board that is surprisingly difficult for white to exploit. The 6. …Na6 System is excellent for beginner and intermediate players because it does not require extensive memorization like other chess openings and other lines of the King`s Indian Defense. Rather this 6. …Na6 sideline is more based on general ideas and understanding. Grandmaster Perelshteyn`s presentation is remarkably entertaining, clear, and organized – focusing more on the reasons behind the moves than direct memorization of lines and move orders. If you want to learn a concept-based chess opening that is guaranteed to give you strong chances to fight for a win with black against 1. d4, this chess DVD is the solution you have been looking for!

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Manufacturer Empire Chess
Host GM Eugene Perelshteyn
Popular Collections Empire Chess
Runtime 120 Minutes
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player