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E-DVD FOXY OPENINGS - Volume 172 - Kasparov's Killer Scotch For the Tournament Player - Volume 1

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Kasparov played the Scotch as a surprise weapon in his World Championship match with Anatoly Karpov and has never lost with it. Grandmasters began adopting the Scotch Game as a viable alternative to the Ruy Lopez, Italian Game and Bishop’s Opening.  Leading experts on the Scotch started playing it after getting crushed over the board.

Part #1 of 3 includes...

  • History of the Scotch, GM Ron Henley and His Students Games featuring the Scotch
  • Early Black Alternatives
  • 2…d6  (Philidor Defense)
  • 3…d6  (Steinitz Ruy)
  • 3…Nf6, 3…Nxd4, 3…d5, 3…Qf6, 3…f6

With the Kasparov's Killer Scotch for the Tournament Player DVDs, Grandmaster Ron Henley will teach you a deadly & complete opening system for White. If Blacks plays correctly White has a comfortable game. If Black plays incorrectly, White will get a crushing attack. There are over 100 games presented from top Grandmasters including Kasparov, Ron Henley’and some of his students. You will be well prepared for anything black has to offer. Many games are quick wins that are easy to follow. These DVDs are for all levels and playing strength and anyone that wants to become a Master.


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Manufacturer ChessDVDs
Host GM Ron Henley
Delivery Time Available Within 1 Business Day
Popular Collections Foxy Openings
Publication Date Jun 14, 2017
Runtime 240 minutes
Hardware Requirements Works on both Windows and Mac-based Computers