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E-DVD Pawn Structure Mastery with IM Mat Kolosowski

IM Mat Kolosowski has developed a practical system for training ANYONE to recognize and take advantage of all typical pawn structures. After finishing this course you will have a clear-and-precise mind map for all 5 most common pawn structures.

Product Description

Description / E-DVD Pawn Structure Mastery with IM Mat Kolosowski

Wouldn’t it feel great to READ position on the board like the Grandmasters do?

Planning and Strategic Decision-Making are two VERY important elements of the game.  You ask what that has to do with the Pawn Structures?

The short answer is… everything.

Ability to recognize the pawn structures makes it WAY easier to come up with a "perfect" plan and to generate winning ideas. That’s how GMs and IMs get an upper hand against the rest of the world.

Can you imagine just looking at the position for a split second and knowing exactly:

  • what sequence of moves to play?
  • where to place your pieces?
  • how to organize your attack and defense?
  • what to expect 5-7 moves down the road?

And most importantly you’ll feel like it’s all happening on an autopilot!

You won’t have to think harder or spend more time than you usually do. In fact, it will actually save your time and energy!

It’s not impossible and any player can do it.

If you are ready to join the ranks ELITE chess players that can read positions, we have something for you.

IM Mat Kolosowski has developed a practical system for training ANYONE to recognize and take advantage of all typical pawn structures. After finishing this course you will have a clear-and-precise mind map for all 5 most common pawn structures.

In other words, you’ll know exactly what and how to play these positions without spending tons of time and energy – on an AUTOPILOT!

Wouldn’t it feel great to tell your friends that:

  • you’ve gained 200 elo in just a few weeks
  • you’ve beaten a FIDE Master… twice
  • you have a 15 games winning streak

If you’re ready to join the top 5% of chess players, leave the old you behind and transform into a game-winning machine time to get started!

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Delivery Time Immediate Delivery
Popular Collections The Chess World
Publication Date Apr 30, 2018
Runtime 10 Hours 16 min
Hardware Requirements Works on both Windows and Mac-based Computers

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