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Product Code: E-DVD-MARIN

E-DVD - MASTER METHOD - The Marin Method – GM Mihail Marin - Over 15 hours of Content!

Mihail Marin's Attacking Academy
GM Mihail Marin is one of the most respected coaches in the world today having trained the young Judit Polgar and being praised for his ability to explain deep chess truths in a way improving players can understand.

Product Description

Description / E-DVD - MASTER METHOD - The Marin Method – GM Mihail Marin - Over 15 hours of Content!

Master Method Series #29

GM Mihail Marin is one of the most respected coaches in the world today having trained the young Judit Polgar and being praised for his ability to explain deep chess truths in a way improving players can understand.

Now, GM Marin pours his enormous experience and knowledge of the game into his 16 hour Master Method, Marin’s Attacking Academy.

By analyzing over 90 great games – from Greco to Carlsen – GM Marin reveals how the art of attack has evolved over time and the key principles you need to know to emerge victorious from any position that may arise in your games.

Through these magnificent examples from the greatest players in history, GM Marin builds an attacking foundation you can unleash against your opponents, whether attacking on the queenside, kingside, through the center, in the endgame, or with just a few pieces.

Of course, timing and activity are everything – that’s why you’ll also learn how to avoid premature attacks, how to counterattack, and how to find the quiet moves that set up your unsuspecting opponent for a crushing defeat!

Join Mihail Marin’s Attacking Academy and never miss a breakthrough again!


Chapter 1: Old History

1. Greco – NN
2. Anderssen – Zukertort
3. Morphy – Stanley
4. Grünfeld – Alekhine

Chapter 2: Modern Classics
1. Alatortsev – Kholmov
2. Tal – Flesch
3. Gomez – Tal
4. Karpov – Gligoric
5. Korchnoi – Polugaevsky
6. Knaak – Bronstein

Chapter 3: King in the Center
1. Vadja – Georgiev
2. Kholmov – Keres
3. Svidler – Mamedyarov
4. Marin – Graf
5. Marin – Aleksandrov

Chapter 4: Strong King in the Center
1. Steinitz – Zukertort
2. Portisch – Karpov
3. Spassky – Polugaevsky
4. Carlsen – So
5. Alekhine – Euwe
6. Portisch – Pinter

Chapter 5: The Necessity to Attack
1. Geller – Korchnoi
2. Geller – Keres
3. Spassky – Tal
4. Adorjan – Tarjan
5. Caruana – Giri

Chapter 6: Premature Attacks
1. Ivkov – Gheorghiu
2. Savon – Korchnoi
3. Doroshkievich – Tal
4. Nunn – Yusupov
5. Nunn – Beliavsky
6. Mamedyarov – Lenderman
7. Anand – Kramnik

Chapter 7: Massive Attack
1. Rotlewi – Rubinstein
2. Cifuentes Parada – Zvjaginsev
3. Karpov – Topalov
4. Nunn – Thorsteins
5. Gurgenidze – Tal
6. Miles – Spassky

Chapter 8: Attack with Few Pieces
1. Marin – Inkiov
2. Marin – Fressinet
3. Ftacnik – Cvitan
4. Timman – Adams
5. Huebner – Kasparov
6. Karpov – Geller
7. Marin – Grigore
8. Portisch – Ivkov

Chapter 9: From the Queenside to the Kingside
1. Alekhine – Rubinstein
2. Marin – Kiselef
3. Polugaevsky – Torre
4. Botvinnik – Portisch
5. Marin – Torrecillas Martinez
6. Saidy – Fischer

Chapter 10: From the Center to the Kingside
1. Alekhine – Bogoljubov
2. Romanishin – Agzamov
3. Nepomniachtchi – Vallejo Pons
4. Lutz – Ftacnik
5. Ivanisevic – Miladinovic

Chapter 11: From Central Tension to Kingside Attack
1. Marin – Adianto
2. Karpov – Kavalek
3. Shulman – Ginsburg
4. Korchnoi – Svidler
5. Penrose – Tal
6. Polugaevsky – Tal

Chapter 12: Central Counterblow
1. Bialas – Uhlmann
2. Gheorghiu – Ljubojevic
3. Keres – Smyslov
4. Yusupov – Enders
5. Poulsson – Farago
6. Shirov – Ivanchuk
7. Gulko – Popovic

Chapter 13: Attacking with Quiet Moves
1. Gulko – Campora
2. Smyslov – Ribli
3. Portisch – Petrosian
4. Miles – Korchnoi
5. Speelman – Uhlmann

Chapter 14: Attack in the Endgame
1. Short – Beliavsky
2. Ninov – Ftacnik
3. Alekhine – Yates
4. Giurumia – Ionescu
5. Brzozka – Bronstein
6. Smyslov – Portisch
7. Milos – Portisch
8. Larsen – Portisch

Chapter 15: From Attack to the Endgame
1. Boleslavsky – Kotov
2. Spassky – Fischer
3. Dolmatov – Speelman
4. Karpov – Hort
5. Fischer – Unzicker
6. Nakamura – Carlsen
7. Spassky – Kholmov

Chapter 16: Initiative
1. Bronstein – Keres
2. Marin – Granda Zuniga
3. Marin – Spasov
4. Kramnik – Anand
5. Volokitin – Rublevsky

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ISBN 616348553711
Host GM Mihail Marin
Delivery Time Immediate Delivery
Popular Collections Master Method
Runtime 16 hours
Hardware Requirements Works on both Windows and Mac-based Computers

Please refer to the Downloadable Item section to the right for important compatability information

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