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The Grandmaster Series Gilded Chess Pieces - 3.25" King

The Grandmaster Series Gilded Chess Pieces - 3.25" King

Product Review (submitted on September 6, 2018):
I own a number of chess sets, from economy up to higher end. But I didn't have a smaller set that would fit nicely on an end table or small area where I might want to leave a board set up. So I was looking for something less than tournament size, but still bigger and more functional than those tiny 2" toy sets. The market for this size is somewhat limited if you still want nice pieces that are not obviously low end. After considerable search and comparison I settled on this Grandmaster set and I really couldn't be happier.

The pieces are pristine quality, no inconsistencies and the finish is even and smooth. They are big enough to see all the fine detail and to still feel like real chess pieces when playing, but they fit nicely on a smaller board. I added the 1.75" square board and these pieces are a perfect size for it. The knights are interesting and fun, they remind me a bit of the 1880s Lasker knights in their expression. The remaining pieces are classic design and the rooks are nicely detailed at the top. To sum it up, you can find a lot of smaller sets out there in the under $50 range and those pieces are OK. But this Grandmaster series looks and feels like a scaled down version of a much more expensive set. At under $100 you won't regret the few extra bucks to upgrade to these if you are looking for a really attractive smaller set. I am very satisfied with them.