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CLEARANCE - Secrets of Opening Surprises - VOLUME 8

No Time to Study Opening Theory? Shock Your Opponent with an SOS!

Product Code: B0008SOS


Publisher: New In Chess
Author: Jeroen Bosch
Year of Publication: 2008

Pages: 143
Notation Type: Figurine (FAN)

Book Description

Readers of this series can ignore large areas of the ever expanding chess opening theory. They can concentrate on these surprising ideas, because SOS variations deviate very early from the regular lines in mainstream openings. Ideal for players who don't have enough time to keep abreast with main line theory. Appears twice a year. Ready-to-go chess opening ideas."

Brings you a wide variety of unusual opening ideas. They may seem outrageous at first sight, but have proven to be perfectly playable.An SOS deviates very early from the regular lines in a mainstream opening, usually even before move six! That is why it is so easy to actually bring the variation on the board. 

You will baffle your opponent without having studied large quantities of stuffy theory.

Secrets of Opening Surprises 8 Contains

1 Jeroen Bosch - The SOS Files
2 Ruben Felgaer - Meeting the Caro-Kann with 2.Ne2
3 Dimitri Reinderman - The Meszaros Variation of the Sicilian
4 Jeroen Bosch - SOS versus Anti-Berlin
5 Alexander Finkel - SOS versus the Paulsen
6 Maze & Cornette - Nimzo-Indian with 6...Qe8!?
7 Arthur Kogan - The Budapest Gambit Can Still Surprise!
8 Jeroen Bosch - French Prophylaxis
9 Adrian Mikhalchishin - Caro-Kann: Dementiev Variation
10 Dimitri Reinderman - The Porcupine Variation
11 Jeroen Bosch - Gajewski's Incredible Spanish Novelty
12 Arthur Kogan - Play the Spielmann Attack
13 Alexander Finkel - An Old Idea in the Modern Defence
14 Jeroen Bosch - A Modest Indian
15 Igor Glek - A 19th Century Weapon versus the French
16 Leonid Gofshtein - A Dynamic Ruy Lopez Surprise
17 Dorian Rogozenko - Kamsky's 'Spare' Slav
18 Who is Who? - Authors and their Subjects

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Product Details

Additional Information

ISBN 9789056912222
Manufacturer New in Chess
Author/s Jeroen Bosch
Pages 143 Pages
Publication Date Mar 4, 2008
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Popular Series Secrets of Opening Surprises
Book Binding Type Paperback