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MASTER METHOD - The Nigel Method - GM Nigel Short - Over 15 hours of Content!

The Short Way to Mastering Tactics

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Master Method Series #28

Nigel Short has been competing at the top level for 5 decades and counting. During this time, he’s beaten every World Champion from Karpov to Carlsen, and become the only Englishman to have challenged for the title, taking on Kasparov in their controversial 1993 match.

His razor-sharp, creative tactical ability has been a major factor in his success. And now you can learn how to improve your tactics from Nigel himself in his stunning 15½ hour Master Method.

Drawing on 40 of his most instructive games – and humbly including a few losses – Nigel reveals how rich, tactical positions are created and how to calculate the winning lines.

Nigel has split his chosen games into 7 categories, including Attacking the King, Tactical Awareness, Defensive and Endgame Tactics.

By challenging students to find the strongest moves and explaining the mechanics of the combination GM Nigel Short shows you how to improve both your calculation and pattern recognition, transforming you into a master tactician!

And Nigel’s fascinating anecdotes make this a must for any lover of chess history and lore too!



Chapter 1: Attacking the King

  1. Short – Penrose
  2. Short – Flear
  3. Short – Ghaem Maghami
  4. Short – Mangao
  5. Short – Gagare
  6. Short – Grigoriants
  7. Short – Velikov
  8. Krunoslav – Short
  9. Short – Timman
  10. Short – Kasparov


Chapter 2: Dynamic Defense

  1. Short – Hebden
  2. Gelfand – Short
  3. Alburt – Short
  4. Li Chao – Short
  5. Topalov – Short
  6. Ehlvest – Short
  7. Tal – Short


Chapter 3: The Opening

  1. Short – Ponomariov
  2. Short – Nielsen
  3. Short – Huebner
  4. Short – Graf
  5. Pein – Short
  6. Short – Olafsson


Chapter 4: Endgame

  1. Short – Ribli
  2. Short – Daulyte
  3. Short – Hou
  4. Karpov – Short


Chapter 5: Tactical Awareness

  1. Dreev – Short
  2. Seirawan – Short
  3. Short – Ljubojevic
  4. Short – Ljubojevic


Chapter 6: Unexpected Moves

  1. Short – Miles
  2. Short – Morozevich
  3. Sasikiran – Short
  4. Kasparov – Short
  5. Kasparov – Short


Chapter 7: Imbalances

  1. Shirov – Short
  2. Short – Shirov
  3. Short – Korchnoi
  4. Short – Sulskis

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Host GM Nigel Short
Popular Collections Master Method
Runtime 15 hrs 30 mins
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere